Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"create the outline of the lives we aspire to"

The despair we’ve experienced as a result is not only our greatest tragedy, but one of humanity’s as well, in a most profound sense. While former generations may have experienced far more difficult times in terms of poverty, physical hardship, death & sickness, there was always, at the core, a notion of hope, of faith, and of conviction in the human race, and in the opportunities that the future might have held–if only they worked hard enough.
We, on the other hand, are not so naive anymore.

The 99'ers. Those close to reaching 99 weeks. There are too many folks in that realm.

I believe that faith still counts.
  • Faith in oneself is where you can start. 
  • Faith that you can do what is necessary. 
  • Faith that your network can help you. 
  • Faith that you do have something worthy to share and contribute. 

In order to free ourselves from the icy grips of the despair, we must learn to create–to invent, forge, hand-construct, and bring into existence–the road we wish to travel. And create our own forward locomotion down that road.
It is no longer a question of what you want to do, but rather, who do you want to become?
There is a difference
Viva la difference!

What are you going to do today to advance yourself?

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