Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pattern recognition

In today's dynamic world, I find one way to succeed is by observing. Yes, just looking around at what is happening. Occasionally, in the observation of what is happening you'll detect a pattern. Detecting patterns can be good. They could be the indication of something to explore further.

For example, you over hear a conversation on a train about a book. Someone telling another person about this great book they just read. How amazing it was. You file the reference.

A day or so later, or maybe the same day. You see the book somewhere. Could be in a book store (yes, go figure!) or on a sign. Somewhere that catches your eye. You file the reference the second time.

Another day or so goes by, maybe a week or more, you hear on the radio someone reviewing the book. What they say adds to what you heard before, makes it sound all the more interesting. You file the reference but now since is the third time, you put it on your book wish list.

You can replay these steps with almost anything. When you have heard IT mentioned three times, you should move it to your to do, to read, to view, to 'something' listing.

It has become a pattern that not only have you recognized, you need to take action on!

If this pattern recognition catches your attention and you haven't read William Gibson's book Pattern Recognition, trust me - don't wait for two more confirmations, you're already there!

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