Thursday, November 4, 2010

Escape the abyss

When we’re kids, parents and friends to have the strongest impact on the models we create, as we yield to the pronouncements and guidance of our parents and cave to peer pressure. We fold in our own observations and experiences, but with exceptions, of course, our models tend to conform largely to what we’re told they should look like.
But, as we move deeper into the world and start to gather our own facts and validate our own intuition (if we really pay attention), we start to test whether those models hold up. We value our own experiences, insights. We gather our own data. At least, that’s the way it should work. I mean, logically.
But, we’re not logical beasts. We hate change, love to grasp onto the past, mental models and all.
And, oddly enough, this is especially true if you’re in a place where all seems wrong with the world.
We just don’t want to let go to the constructs and frames that delivered us into a place that we readily admit is sucking the life out of us. Because to shatter our current mental models means wading into the abyss of uncertainty. And, for most people, living with uncertainty, even bundled with the opportunity to redefine, reframe and rebuild, is more terrifying than living in knowable, certain pain.
Jonathan goes on to ask the read to step into the abyss to help look at where we are and how we can realize that we are living in a 'mental model'.

If you have been laid off, reduced in force, etc - we are already in the abyss.

How we approach the abyss is key to how we are going to get out!

There is no such thing as 'business as usual' anymore. Are you learning something everyday? Are you sharing what you learn as you network? Then I think you will find some meaningful work.


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