Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just pick one and start!

The information available can be overwhelming. For example, I am working on a social media campaign for the Franklin Food Pantry and looking for best practices. Just yesterday there were three good posts that came across my radar.

(1) "people are applying the ideas in the book" - Networked Nonprofit Update: November #the5

(2) "Nonprofits and Social Media: It Ain't Optional" - 10 Highly Successful Social Media Habits for Nonprofits  

(3) 21 Ways Non-Profits Can Leverage Social Media 

Looking for information on how to conduct your job search can bring just as many resources to you.

So what are you really supposed to do?

  1. Pick one that you are most comfortable with. 
  2. Start using it. 
  3. Measure your activity. 
  4. Monitor your results. 
  5. If your results are good, keep going. 
  6. If your results are not good, make a change and keep at it

Don't waste time in choosing amongst the hundreds if not thousands of resources. Pick one and start!

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