Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Filtering your LinkedIn updates

For the LinkedIn participants, I hope you have set up to take all your connections updates into your handy RSS reader.

What is RSS you say?
You can find out about RSS with this quick and excellent video from the folks at Common Craft

How do I set it up?
In the presentation here, look at pages 19-22, I show you how to set this up. The presentation continues with the reasons "why" you want this feed. If you haven't see it before, take the few minutes to review it.

There is also an audio version of this

I have had this set up for myself for sometime and realized that the 'good' updates I really want to pay attention to are the ones where someone has updated their profile with a new picture, experience, job title, etc. Is there a way to filter the RSS Feed to just get those items? The answer is yes!

You need to play with a little code but it is mostly cut and paste.

  1. Do you have a Yahoo account? You can set one up.
  2. Go to Yahoo Pipes and copy this
  3. Edit my initial feed to replace it with your LinkedIn Feed.
  4. Save it as your own.
  5. Sit back and wait for the updates to get filtered out!

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