Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"recognition of this time in life is important"

Arrival vs. landing? Tim writes:
I’ve always preferred the term “arrival” since “landing” sounds like you’ve just returned from a bumpy flight.
And while that may better describe your job search journey, to me “arriving” sounds more like something to celebrate. Recognition of your completing a successful effort. Having learned a few things along the way. And allowing yourself to be changed by the experience.

I have used landing even with the "Land ho" of the recent contract position. I tend to use it in the context of the explorers, landing on a new continent or island and ready to go explore.

While a minor difference in wording, there is no intent on my part to stir any controversy. The perspective is interesting.

Which do you like: arrival or landing?

You can read Tim's full posting here. I do endorse the celebration which ever way you call it!

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