Monday, November 29, 2010

Maybe it is not "so cold and lonely on the digital side"?

Anna Tarkov concludes a recent post by writing:

Perhaps it's not surprising that many journalists and writers of the techie persuasion are going to work for, well, tech start-ups or starting their own media companies or news websites. As Dave Winer (one of my favorite people writing online) noted
If you've created too complex a world, the next generation will just create a new one that's simpler. One that they understand and you don't.
The "complex world" is the current media landscape and the new one that's being created is all too often not inside established news organizations.

As a job seeker, you also have a 'complex world.'  One where the old way (business as usual) has gone out the door, likely to not return. Two where the new way has come about suddenly via some form of digital technology.

The harsh reality - cling to the old and you'll stay unemployed. Embrace the new and you will find something to leverage what you have experienced in the new world. It will be yours for the making!

Your choice!

You can read Anna's full posting here

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