Monday, November 15, 2010

"hedge your bets and make sure you don’t get stuck"

... in terms of interviewing and job satisfaction, there are few things as important as doing serious due diligence on a company’s culture before signing on the bottom line with them, especially if you've got a nagging suspicion something might be amiss.
Here are some tips for conducting this kind of research:

•  Pay close attention to how the company treats you during the “courtship” process; if they deal with you respectfully, show up to meetings on time, and get back to you like clockwork when they say they will, that’s a pretty good sign that the company has a healthy, employee-centered culture
•  Watch the body language and facial expressions of the receptionist and other people you encounter in the office.  Do they seem happy?  Busy?  Friendly?  Stressed out?  These non-verbal clues can’t usually be faked and will speak volumes about the work environment!

There are additional tips on the posting by Matt Youngquist, click through on the link below to check it out.

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