This will be your time to find out what others know, get your questions answered from those who can answer them, and get to network with others to build your listing of valuable connections.

How should I prepare?

Come to the event prepared to share something you have learned along the way. Come prepared for learn. Come prepared to network (bring business cards).

How should I dress?

Dress as you would for any other networking event, business casual or business comfortable. You still want to make a good first impression but a suit or tux is not required.

What does the facility look like?

Check out the brief video of the facility recorded during May 2010:

What will the schedule be?

Check out the overall event session schedule here: (Note the 4th event schedule will be similar to that for the 5th - however, some speakers and sessions will be different).

What can I expect the event to be like?


When do the doors open?

The registration/welcome desk will be open at 8:30 AM.
You can check in, pay at the door (if you elected to do that), and make a name tag.

Beginning at 9:00 AM (or thereabouts) we'll provide an overview of an unconference using the open space technology.

If you want to read up on the unconference format, you can find info here


and here:
http://podcamp.pbworks.com/ scroll down the page to view the section on how to "host a podcamp"

What is the registration fee being used for?

  1. We intentionally don't want to make money, we recognize that funds are tight for those looking for work.
  2. We did want to charge something to ensure a reasonable headcount for planning purposes.

Hence, the $8 charge seems reasonable and allows us to plan a good event and to make a contribution to the church for the use of the facility.

Your registration fee ($8.00) paid via Eventbrite nets the organizing team approx. $6.50 (Eventbrite has a charge for processing the credit card).

From the $6.50 times however many people register, we will plan for refreshments, lunch and will purchase accordingly.

All surplus funds will be donated to the St John the Evangelist Parish. The church has graciously allowed us use of the facility for free. A full accounting of the receipts and expenses will be post to this site after the event.

You can still talk about the event with your friends, neighbors and networked connections. Registrations will also be taken at the door on Friday. You can share the event website http://jobsearchjamsessions.blogspot.com/

or have them go directly to the registration page https://www.eventbrite.com/e/job-search-jam-sessions-5

Thank you. See you soon.

The Job Search Jam Sessions organizing committee