Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inside #the5 Tuesday

Practicing what I advocate; learning something new each day (I just did), sharing it in a way that is meaningful to someone (you reading this!) and having a laugh (hopefully sometime today!)

good morning, time for  - Fig Card seeks to make it super-simple to pay merchants with a mobile phone 
I see mobile applications as a good part of the future. If you are a developer, why not explore creating a mobile application? Look around at what you do daily that it would be nice if could be done differently, or better, or with a mobile app?

"It’s all about power, plain and simple; policy is merely a tool to get it" Today’s Vote  
Jason Seiden shares his insights on the political scene. No matter what your view is, please get out an cast an informed vote today!

"we all can do something that can make a difference" Difference Making  
At the end of the day, isn't this what really matters - making a difference? What will you do to make a difference for someone today?

"people are applying the ideas in the book" - Networked Nonprofit Update: November  
Pick up a book, maybe one you have just finished reading. Is there something to take action on to make it real?

"What we need most is what we let slip away" @ writes What We Let Slip Away  
Above all keep your network alive and healthy. In the giganomics view of the world that I am developing, we will move from gig to gig. Our network, our virtual team will be needed more and more. Someday, it would be nice (great even) to have the killer idea so that the virtual team can come together around a project to make it happen. Look around the group you are part of, you probably have enough of the key folks to make it happen! All we need is the idea.

What are you thinking of?

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