Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who is in your network?

These days, no matter what field a person works in, the primary ingredient to success (as stated earlier) involves the building, managing, and maintenance of a vibrant web of personal supporters. You need to get known. You need to be somebody worth knowing. And ultimately, for best results, you need to assemble an army of folks you can count on to spread the good word about you when you’re looking for a new employment opportunity — just as you’ll do for them, in return, should they become “free agents” at some point in time.
The force that’s going to bind this diverse, powerful universe of people together in a cohesive way? Guess what, it’s YOU! You’ll accomplish this step by taking it seriously, making it a priority, thinking reciprocally, and pumping focused effort each week into keeping all of these folks in happy win/win orbit around yourself.
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With yourself at the center, who will you work to bring into your circle?

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