Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your elevator pitch should be good!

Pat Weber has a guest posting to summarize her tips on perfecting your elevator pitch. She writes:

Planning is second nature to an introvert while speaking, speaking, speaking usually puts an extrovert in the zone. Either style can speak an elevator pitch fluidly like this:
Keep your pitch to around 100 words. As you hone it, write it out and chop, chop if necessary. That’s short.
Once you’ve honed a statement of what you do for a particular type client, focus on the benefit. You can get this by asking a few of your clients if you find yourself getting long winded. They’ll keep your focus on what you do, for who, to help with a problem.
Along with your name, offer something gives them more than your pitch. Direct them to your website or offer to help them so they want to know more.
Read the full posting on Jeanette Paladino's sitte here
Focus and practice your pitch. The more you practice in different situations, the more comfortable you'll be. The more confidence you'll have when you deliver it to make it count!

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