Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"mysteries are hidden in plain sight"

Jason is reading Dan Brown's latest book and shares this insight:
The stories are everywhere. The mysteries are hidden in plain sight.
This is his message, and it’s a great one. It makes for a well written book, and an even better philosophy for exploring life.
So go ahead: look something up. Think about something today you haven’t considered in a long time. Invent a backstory for a total stranger you see on the street.
Read the full posting by Jason Seiden here

What book are you reading?

I do hope you are reading a book! You need to keep the mind active and you can't spend every hour of the waking day directly on your job search. Note: I said "directly"! 

Part of the reason I recommend informational interviews is to gather information, put together the patterns and bingo! You'll have an insight you can use in your search.

So go pick up a book, do not pass Go, do not collect anything but your thoughts and gather yourself into a comfortable position to read for a bit.

You will find it rewarding.

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