Saturday, October 30, 2010

You can use LinkedIn to find out how to get there!

Matt Youngquist has a great posting on how to use the search features of LinkedIn to figure out how people have changed from one profession to another. He provides a few examples like this one for a lawyer who is not happy with law.

Example #2: “Matt, I’m an attorney who is sick of the stress, the billable hours, and the constant jokes being made at parties at my expense. What else am I qualified to do, though? I’m really not in a position to start over, go get a new degree, and work my way up from the bottom of the ladder again.”
Proposed Solution: Again, mosey on over to the LinkedIn Advanced People Search page, and this time, type “law degree” OR “juris doctor” in the Keywords box. Then type the phrase -attorney -counsel -lawyer -partner -paralegal -judge -candidate -juris -doctor in the Title box. You have to use a bit of trial and error, of course, to figure out the exact words to exclude (using the minus signs) in the search, so don’t worry if it takes you a couple of searches to narrow down the best set of results. This time, however, my search unveiled 20,000+ people across the country who hold law degrees, but who are NOT currently working in an obvious role within the legal system. Pretty cool, eh? Each of these people blazed a trail before you — and figured out how to parlay that expensive degree in a different direction!
Read the full posting at Matt's blog:

Good luck exploring your new path!

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