Monday, October 25, 2010

Informational Interviews

When I landed and looked back on what I had done and what I might do differently the next time, one key suggestion was to do more informational interviews. The ones that I did brought great value. I should have done more and will next time.

Ronni Ann devotes a full posting on Getting the Most Out of Informational Interviews.

I figured it’s time to talk a little about how you can get the most out of an informational interview, since informational interviews can play a key part in any good job search.
From the Work Coach Cafe Career Dictionary:
An informational interview is a meeting or phone call with someone you hope will offer some leads to help you find a job. You may in fact wind up meeting someone who knows directly about a job opening either in his or her company or through someone he knows…but more likely you will be looking to get information from your informational interview to help you find leads and/or names to call where you could use your informational’s name to help you get through to someone who does have or know of an actual job.

Read the full posting by Ronni Ann here:

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