Friday, October 15, 2010

Choose not to go alone

Good day, it is Friday! Not just the end of the work week but the start of the remainder of your life. Yes, the start. You can choose today to take action on your job search. Or not. Your choice.

Julian Smith has a post on the new Escape Velocity blog that talks about choice.
A Note About Choice  me: your choice, 'cuz it is yours, makes all the difference! 

One of the choices you may make is to leave the area you currently are for another. I know of folks working on that and heard from one yesterday who is moving to Charlotte, NC to actually start a new position there. There are many factors that go into a move. Only you'll will know all the ins/out, pros/cons. Lay them out, talk it over with your family and friends. It is your choice. It just may be a good one.
What Works? Another CH “Alumnus” Speaks Out!  me: people are finding spots but it is still slow 

One of the themes of the recent Job Search Jam Sessions was the power of we as reflected in the lessons of the geese. Participation, actively, not passively in a group works. I know from my own experience, I would not have been as successful in my own search efforts without the help of the group.
The Value of Job Search Support Groups  me: there is real power in a group 

Groups have formed at the recent Job Search Jam Sessions. If you need help forming one, or need help finding one, ask around, or drop me an email.

You don't need to go it alone when you can leverage the power of the group!

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