Monday, October 18, 2010

"Chance favors the connected mind"

Yes, I am an 'unconference evangelist'. It is not something I need to go to 'unconference anonymous' to declare: "My name is Steve. I am an unconference evangelist."

I have been part of the organizing committee for at least 19 such events since my first at the PodCamp Boston in Sep 2006. PodCamp Boston 5, Job Search Jam Sessions 2 and PodCamp CT were three such events in the last several weeks. I get pumped by meeting and talking with so many people.

Why do I get pumped up by these events?
I think I summarized it pretty well in this brief video recap that Bruce K Garber did for PodCamp CT. by saying "Facilitate the network and then let the net work!"

I think another way to look at it is to hear Steven Johnson explain "where good ideas come from:" and concludes by saying "Chance favors the connected mind."

Either way, if you have a chance to go to an unconference, I would highly recommend it.

BTW - PodCamp NH is this weekend!

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