Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Murmuration gives me hope"

I heard Mitch Joel's Twist Image podcast where he interviewed Don Tapscot about the new book "Macrowikinomics". The podcast was insightful as Mitch and Don allowed us to listen in to their conversation.  Sit down with a good cup of your favorite beverage and you'll come away with some learning and some hope.

On a weekly basis, Mitch posts some links that he finds during the week that are worthy of sharing. This is very much like #the5 but spread over a week so it like the "best of #the5". The video clip he shares to close this week's post is of the murmuration that occurs in England as the starlings settle for the evening. Don Tapscott takes the murmuration as an example of his macrowikinomics and shares his insights. The video itself is wonderful with Pachelbel's Canon in the background, it is a joy to watch and learn from. I do come away with the "murmuration gives me hope"!

What do you think?

Do you find hope in this? Is this another way of looking at the lessons of the geese?

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