Thursday, February 10, 2011

Use LinkedIn to change your career path!

Supposed you did want to change your career path, how would you do that?

There was an article I found earlier this week that I shared as part of #the5 for that day:
Jobs before they were president of USA  me: good idea look at how someone got there, not always a direct path! 
This is a great example of one of the hidden or not so obvious uses for LinkedIn and especially relevant for those looking to change careers.

When you want to change, what does the career change path look like?

Since most folks on LinkedIn have included at least three prior positions (to get the 100% complete profile), you can look for the position where you want to be. Search for it, then look into some of the folks who hold that position now and see how they got there. The mileage may vary for your but the information on how they got where they did is open.

If you want more details, there is a warm call or contact you can now make! The odds are, with a good lead like you can craft, they will be most willing to share some of their story.

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