Monday, February 14, 2011

What do you think is easier to find these days: a date or a job?

Matt Youngquist continues with this line of thought:

Now granted, I’m about 12 years removed from the dating scene myself, and hopefully won’t be back on the circuit anytime soon (unless my wife dumps me, deservedly, for constantly working on weekends) but I raise the issue, regardless, since I think there are some strong parallels between these two areas of life.  What’s more, I’ve found that by comparing job hunting to the dating process, and studying the correlations, many people gain an even better handle on how to market themselves to employers in effective fashion. 
Simply put, both situations involve trying to locate somebody out in the big wide world who wants to enter into a certain type of relationship with you.  In the first instance, it’s a romantic partner.  In the latter case, a hiring manager.  But the challenge of finding your “other half” in either case is extremely similar.  In both situations, if you’re normal, you’ll experience a certain amount of anxiety.  You’ll also have to beat out your fair share of competition.  And push through doubts and insecurities.  You’ll be scared at times.  Nervous at times.  But also quite excited, at times, too, when you allow yourself to think about what the future might hold for you.

Matt continues to list four channels to compare the two searches, for a date or for a job. The takeaways are not that different.

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