Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Everyone handles stress differently"

Looking for a job is often the hardest job you have ever had. For most people, having to be “on” during networking and interviewing activities constantly takes a toll. Dealing with the ambiguity of the job search process, the rejections, and the bad news in the media can also be challenging.
One way to look at your job search is that essentially, whenever you interact with someone whether it’s in networking or interviewing situations, what you are “giving” that person is your energy. So if your energy is genuinely positive, vibrant, and peaceful, you will get a more positive response no matter where you go. Think about the times when you walk away from talking with someone and say to yourself “Boy, she has great energy! I really like being around her.”
Of course, I’m sure you have experienced being around people who are chronically negative and you feel “drained” after spending time with them. Which candidate would you hire? Which person would you be more willing to help and refer to someone? The rub is that when we are looking for a job, we often don’t feel good about ourselves. Our self esteem tends to go down since a lot of people judge our self worth by our job and the salary we make.
By now you recognize a common theme here. Be positive. Yes, it is hard. Continue reading the full article to pick up some additional info on how to be positive. You need to be! You can be!

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