Monday, February 21, 2011

How to answer the dreaded salary question

Matt Youngquist solicited input on how to answer the dreaded salary question. Amongst the responses he received was this one:
Answer #2: “Either give a range covering your needs or state that you are sure their offer will be comparable to similar jobs and that you are confident in reaching an agreement should all else be right for you. Employers are wanting to make sure your expectations are not out of line or that you are not asking too much based on your experience so be conservative until you know they want you.” 
My take: This was the best answer of the bunch and pretty similar to my own thinking on the matter. I’m glad somebody is taking the time to actually try and explain the EMPLOYER’S point of view on this issue, since having an empathic understanding of the needs/agenda of your “customer” is always a great thing in any sales situation, including an interview. So bravo, answerer #2!
Click through to read his full posting. I am aligned with his thinking on this question.

How would, how do you answer this question?

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