Monday, January 17, 2011

What is PodCamp?

Strictly Businews recorded a special edition for PodCamp WesternMA. The total video is just over 28 minutes. The first part reviews some recent social media news and the second part (beginning at 17:00 mins) gets into "what is podcamp?"

Morriss Partee, Kelly Galanis and Jaclyn Stevenson from the PodCamp organizing team participate on the show to share the info on PodCamp. Alfonso Santaniello and Cori Verteramo are the host of Strictly Businews

S2 E4 "Strictly PCWM" from Strictly Businews on Vimeo.

If you can make it to the PodCamp WesternMA at Westfield St Univ, you can learn how to use social media tools in your job search. 

If you can go, you should see if you can go for free. The details can be found here

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