Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I felt I needed to react, but I didn’t"

... the recession has had other ramifications on the working than on the non-working. “I’m trying hard to hang on, and I overlook a lot, I don’t have the energy to deal with harassment, I’ve got too many other things to manage, and my mortgage is one of them.” She is not alone in her thinking. Women taking “stop gap” jobs, going back to restaurant work to supplement income or unemployment are also letting borderline casual comments or innuendo slide. “Hey, when it’s your tip, you have to grin and bear it.” Another friend who was a former account executive in financial services firm has taken a part-time job in retail. She said she’s faced similar situations. “I look at it as a part-time job and hopefully not for the long term, I tune out a lot.” “The rules are the same, yet people here seem to have their own interpretation of what is “culturally acceptable.” Hmmm…
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Carolyn goes on to explain the slips and slides that she is finding these days. This raises good questions.

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