Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HR Margo shares her influencers

Margo writes:
Don’t judge me, I love pictures. There’s just one problem. I’m super talented at what I do in social media community management, and human resources… but … I’m not so talented at doing what I don’t do: graphic layout, and design. Thank goodness each of us are snow flakes, unique, and special. What you are about to see are my favorite people, and favorite moments of 2010. My influencers. The list that I created. The lists we create are better than the ones we make, and here is mine.

She then goes on to provide her list of influencers. The listing is long. I won't attempt to summarize it here. I will encourage you to go there and read it.

I would also encourage you to add the link to their individual websites, blogs, Twitter handles and follow what they write. It should be worth your while!

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