Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Don't believe what people say. There are jobs out there."

"There's this new norm of 10 percent less of everything."
And a new norm for movers and shakers trying to make ends meet.
Fox is still running his company, Fox Media Lab, and he's still throwing irons into the proverbial fire. He's even working on a book.
But sometimes he does so during his overnight shift as a concierge.
Or while waiting for a fare.
"I've said, 'I'm in a cab, I've got to get back to you.' They don't know I'm driving it," the father of four from Natick said of talking with prospective clients.
"For me, I'm not worried about it. In my DNA, I'm an entrepreneur. I'm going to make a comeback. ... But there is a whole class of people that have lost their job and don't know how to make a comeback. In some cases, there is no comeback" to make because the job market has changed so much since the first rumblings of economic meltdown. "Those positions are gone."
Statistics can tell you how many American banks and mortgage companies went belly-up and how many were "too big to fail."
Fox can tell you about how his property went into foreclosure after WaMu, Washington Mutual, went down.
You can read the full article about Joe Fox and how he is surviving his job search in the Milford Daily News.

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