Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time to get in the game!

I have heard some sports fans say that watching the NBA in anything but the 4th quarter is a waste of time. I see their point. Crunch time does come in the 4th quarter if it is a close game. However, there are games where one side get blown out by the other well before the 4th quarter. If they wait until then, they'll miss that part. If they are open, I'll raise the idea of watching both sides of the game (not just your favorite team). It is a challenge but well worthwhile to see the whole game. After all, it is only a game because there are TWO teams playing.

So what does this have to do with anything?

What is October 1?

October 1 is the day when the Job Search Jam Sessions 2 is held in Hopkinton.

October 1 begins the fourth quarter of 2010. For some businesses running their fiscal year according to the calendar year, this is a very important time.

This is the time to do more than watch.

This is the time to get in the game!

Are you ready? Do you have your 30-60-90 day game plan set?

There will likely be at least one session to help you prepare at the upcoming Job Search Jam Sessions, October 1.

Register here to take part:

Register for Job Search Jam Sessions 2 in Hopkinton, MA  on Eventbrite

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