Saturday, September 25, 2010

"In the end a positive attitude coupled with best practices for job search will take you far"

Being over 50 and looking for work can be a scary proposition. A recent New York Times articledetails the fears and realities of looking for work at a time in life when many expected to be thinking their upcoming retirement, not job search.  Although the article painted a grim picture, the reality is, a job search at 50+ does not have to be frustrating or fruitless.  There is a great deal mature workers can do to make the most of the opportunity and end up with fulfilling employment.
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In the unconference format, the sessions are confirmed the day of the event to meet the needs of the participants. There was a sessions last time on how to deal with this age question, If you want another one, we can arrange that. The place to be is next Friday at the Job Search Jam Sessions, October 1.

Register here to take part:

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