Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Free Webinar for Job Searchers

My good buddy, Chris Brogan has this new offering you should be aware of:

human business works update
human business works
JULY 6th, 2010

Free Webinar for Job Searchers

Hi Steve -

I'm writing to invite you to a free webinar I'm giving on Thursday September 30th at 7PM ET (and yes, it will be recorded) on the following:


One in every 10 people in the US (on average) is out of work. Several more are "underemployed." With so many people clamoring for jobs, the traditional methods one uses to find work aren't cutting it.

Join this free webinar conducted by Chris Brogan (perhaps with special guests) to help you get more out of your job search by enhancing your social presence.

It's free to attend, and you're welcome to forward this message to anyone you know who's in the midst of a job search:

Click HERE to register.

Things are ramping up at Human Business Works. We're just about ready to launch our first learning and mentoring community (for nonprofits), and we've got much more to share with you. This is just something we wanted to share because of the way things are going.

I hope to see you at the webinar.


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There will likely be at least one session on Networking at the upcoming Job Search Jam Sessions, October 1.

Register here to take part:

Register for Job Search Jam Sessions 2 in Hopkinton, MA  on Eventbrite

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