Sunday, September 26, 2010

"the “peer pressure” of such a group will help boost your accountability"

Matt Younquist writes #8 in a list of nine items to create accountability for your the job search:

8. Join a job hunt support group.  Same idea as above, more of less, but this approach involves finding a job search support or networking group where the “peer pressure” of such a group will help boost your accountability level.  There are now dozens of such groups in every major city, sponsored through churches, community associations, and private career and outplacement firms.  Need recommendations for the Seattle area?  Drop me a line here and I can share some options.

I'll add a tenth item to Matt's nine. 

You can participate in the Job Search Jam Sessions Friday, October 1 to help get you started on the first nine. Denise Zazzera , for example, has a session planned to explain how a 'buddy group' works. Dur the Jam Sessions in May, a buddy group formed during that session. Maybe one will form this time? One way to find out is to attend. 

Register here to take part:

Register for Job Search Jam Sessions 2 in Hopkinton, MA  on Eventbrite

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