Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What can you do about it?

Chris Brogran writes about community:
Putting a bunch of people together to love Snickers bars isn’t all that interesting. Putting people who love Snickers together to work at a soup kitchen to feed the homeless would be a lot more interesting. If companies and marketers are going to hope to make communities happen, they’re going to have to build some action and value into their efforts. Causes matter.
Putting folks together on the job search should be easy. We are all in this together, except that some folks don't feel comfortable about sharing that they are out of work. There is a stigma to this that is hard to overcome. So hard that some times they will hesitate to get help. Some times they will hesitate to reach out.

What can you do?

Be welcoming! (Don't go over the top by any means, that will turn them off. )

Be natural, be helpful. Be consistent!

Be distinct about helping your brother and sisters in the job search.

You will feel good about it. They will remember!

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