Tuesday, March 29, 2011

creating your online presence

A job seeker asks “What is online presence and why do I need it to find a job?” In today’s job search, you can have great qualifications and excellent connections, but without online presence, you may be overlooked. Online presence is your value displayed and expressed online. It’s what people find when they search on your name. It’s how recruiters and hiring managers notice your expertise and how you show your value to others in your industry.
Carrie Krueger writes more about how to create an online presence for your job search here

Remember - if you are in the RI area, Community Camp is scheduled for Apr 23 at RISD and there are four free passes available for job searchers. One of the sessions planned is to answer your questions about LinkedIn. The session is titled - "I'm on LinkedIn, now what?" I'll facilitate the session to answer your questions on how to get the most out of LinkedIn for your job search.

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  1. You may have graduated with honors, but the real research begins now. Invest your skills and time into studying opportunities in your field of interest and learn what’s going on in that market. Look beyond Monster.com, Hot Jobs and LinkedIn. Search company websites, and set Google alerts to learn what they aren’t saying about themselves. Tailor your resume to each company; it is time consuming but can pay back big!