Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dr Seuss on foot notes

Dr Seuss can help the job search?
Yes, he did more than write children's books.

In Dr Seuss's usual good manner, he goes directly to the foot of the matter in this book. As a beginning reader, the text is simple and to the point. What is the message?

Get on your feet, get moving!

Meet people! The book ends with:
Left foot. Right foot.
Feet. Feet. Feet.
Oh how many
feet you meet!
The art of networking is meeting people, making connections, finding things in common.

The in-person networking is a must. Online networking is effective but more so when the individuals can meet face to face. is a good source for networking groups. If you don't find one in your area, you can easily start one.

Check on LinkedIn for groups in your subject area.

Check with your local unemployment agency for information on groups in your neighborhood.

Once you are part of one group, you can find out about others. The one good thing about networking groups is that they are a benefit to all new and regular participants.

I hope this helps your job searching effort! Ge out and meet folks, one of these connections will be the one to lead you to land your ideal position.


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