Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lessons from the college admissions process

High school seniors are waiting and receiving admissions letters of acceptance (or rejection) from their choice of colleges right about now. There are many parallels to the job search that are worth looking at.
Preparation starts early. Students begin preparing for college almost as soon as they start school. But job seekers rarely prepare for a job change until they need to make one. For best results, preparation for a job search should be happening all the time. That includes maintaining a strong network, keeping up online presence and continually adding new achievements. 
Practice makes perfect. Even a student who is well prepared for college is not necessarily ready for the admissions process including essay writing and interviewing. The most successful applicants learn and practice those skills. In the same way, we are not trained for resume writing and interviewing. We need to learn and practice both to get good at them. Don’t assume you know how to job search. What you don’t know can hurt you. 
Achievements matter. Imagine a college applicant sending a high school transcript without grades. Telling what courses you took but not what grades you got is like a resume that describes positions you held but leaves out achievements. Just as high school students highlight great grades, make sure your resume shares your great accomplishments.
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Remember - if you are in the RI area, Community Camp is scheduled for Apr 23 at RISD and there are four free passes available for job searchers.

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