Friday, March 11, 2011

JobAngels is moving! - Call To Action Instructions

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  • Group: JobAngels
  • Subject: JobAngels is moving! - Call To Action Instructions
TO: All Hiring for Hope LinkedIn JobAngels members

FROM: Tegan Acree, President & Founder of Hiring for Hope

DATE: March 10, 2011

SUBJECT: CALL TO ACTION - JobAngels is moving!

Dear JobAngels members,

By now, I hope you have had an opportunity to begin taking advantage of the FREE career management services available to you as a member of Hiring for Hope at Please be aware that over the next several weeks we will be combining all of the JobAngels and Hiring for Hope social media communities in an effort to unite us in one virtual location, and begin the full integration of all of you into the Hiring for Hope community.

The first step in our "social media merger process" is to relocate our JobAngels program to our FREE Voices of Hope online networking and support community EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. Voices of Hope is specifically designed to accommodate and maximize the results of our JobAngels Program. Once you are a member, you will find it has a robust selection of easy-to-use technology tools that also link with many of the popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. All of this will make it easier and faster for you to expand your network, collaborate with others, find inspiration and moral support, and share HOPE and job leads.

Becoming a member of Voices of Hope is extremely easy and will only take a minute of your time. We have created a new Getting Started Tips Sheet to help you begin.

Just follow the short steps outlined below in the order in which they appear to become a member:

1.Maintain your current membership status on this JobAngels LinkedIn page. It will soon become the future "official" Hiring for Hope LinkedIn home page.

2.View our new JobAngels Getting Started Tips Sheet by clicking here: .

3.Become a member of Voices of Hope by clicking here: .

4.Once you are a member of Voices of Hope, consider inviting your friends to join you by using the email tool found on the "Invite Tab."

5.Consider creating and providing HOPE to others by spreading the word about our JobAngels program. By adding our JobAngels logo to your email signatures, blogs and other appropriate mainstream social media pages, you can acknowledge your commitment to helping those in need find gainful employment.
Click this link to begin downloading this image. .

Links to additional helpful resources:

A.Voices of Hope Community Guidelines:

B.E-tutorial/demonstration of Voices of Hope:

C.Take advantage of our other free career management services:

D.Review and apply for current HFH career opportunities:

E.Sign up to be considered and contacted for future career opportunities:

F.Register for our free e-newsletter:

We hope you find this information useful. Our new community is a work in progress, so please feel free to offer us any suggestions. Remember - one person can make a difference!

All my best,

Tegan Acree

President & Founder, Hiring for Hope
Posted By Tegan Acree
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