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Now what does he do?


March, 2012
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Communication, Sound & Media
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Wendy loved educating children.We wish you a very happy holiday season! We wish you a very happy holiday season!We wish you a very happy holiday season! 
Domenic had just celebrated 3 decades in business.

Success, yes, but he wanted more.

So he bought a franchise. 

A good first step.

Now, he needed to tell his story. 

He also knew his customers could help.

So we developed a plan. 

6 web movies & 12 customer testimonial movies, over the next 12 months.

Satisfying, important work.

Just what he needed to hone his message.

Now people are able to find Domenic.

Through Facebook, YouTube, e-mail, etc....

And his movies will bring his website alive!

Oh my, is he going viral?

A near rock-star?

Well, almost.

Maybe next year.

When he has the time to visit Palm Beach.

The next step in his plan.

DMacVoice & Media, Communication, Sound & Media for Business & Life.


Donna Mac, Founder 


Donna Mac helps businesses and entrepreneurs better communicate their knowledge and content in person and virtually.  Her 25+ years in corporate communications, as a writer, producer and live broadcasters has enabled to her understand what audiences need and want so listeners and viewers will stay tuned and be inspired to action.  Donna offers personal consultations and direction plus the latest in recording technology.  She enables her customers to successfully bring their websites alive, promote their businesses, educate the masses and often generate passive income. Donna's owns and operates DMacVoice & Media located in Rehoboth, Massachusetts and works virtually, in studio and on location.

Donna's voice can also be heard on media projects worldwide, commercial, industrial and online.
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