Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Hey, what's wrong with me?"

Regular readers and participants of the Job Search Jam Session in September will recognize Hari Narayanan who is quoted in this article:
Cortes's colleague at the Milford center, business service representative Hari Narayanan, said local companies are willing to hire candidates - even unemployed ones - who show initiative. 
"It's more of what people have been doing while they're unemployed," he said. "Employers are looking for a skill-set. Their number one concern is finding the right people to come work for them." 
But some laid-off job hunters say it's not so easy to convince companies they're worth hiring - or even deserving of an interview. Lisa, a 44-year-old Framingham resident who withheld her last name so as not to hinder her job search, said her setbacks since losing her human resources job in May have made that task even more difficult by hurting her self-confidence.

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There may be nothing wrong with you. Times are tough. Be confident in yourself. Layout a plan, set a target and start networking. The more you network, especially with information interviews, the better your chances will be of finding the right information and making the right connections to land where you want to be.

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