Saturday, May 15, 2010

Success through the 'power of we'

Thanks to the 71 folks who participated in yesterday's Job Search Jam Sessions, the event was a success by most any measure. The attitude of the folks was very much inline with the t-shirt Linda put on during her Super-networker impression:

Great presentations lead by
Joanne Dustin - Keys to Successful Interviewing
Suzanne Gray - Self-Employment & Franchising
Linda Waters - 7 Habits of a Successful Networker
Ricky Berger - Art of Negotiating
Joseph Mullin - Linkedin
Bill Lippincott - Networking (and a separate session on 'The Age Question')
Denise Zazzera - Buddy groups
Bob Heiselmeyer - Milford Career Center programs

A buddy group formed during the session.

Smiles were observed on a number of faces as they left the sessions.

There was a great deal of buzz in the main hall between sessions.

Thanks to the organizing team
Marilyn Johnson
Pauline Lussier
Denise Zazzera
Gil Krispien 
Christine Hurley
Michele Duffy

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