Friday, May 21, 2010

Event Financial Disclosure

One of the open space and unconference guidelines is transparency especially with regards to the fiances of the event.

Here is the accounting for the Job Search Jam Sessions just held on May 15th:

Total Online Sales: $260.00
Eventbrite Sales (Credit card): $145.00
Eventbrite Fees *ticket processing): ($62.07)
Eventbrite Payout: $82.93
Net Eventbrite Total: $197.93

Door receipts $210.00
Eventbrite check $82.93
Total receipts $292.93

less expenses  $           32.23

Net Receipts  $       260.70 

A check in the amount of $260.70 will be delivered to St John the Evangelist Parish for the use of the fine facility for this event.

If anyone has any questions on the finances, please feel free to contact me.
Steve Sherlock - email

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