Monday, November 12, 2012

Battered Career Syndrome – two great resources


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Date: 11/09/2012
Subject: Battered Career Syndrome – two great resources
Hi -

I hope all is well on your end and that fall has been treating you well. I am running into quite a few folks who have had their career de-railed, postponed or taken out of their control. Yet, we are brought up believing that having a job is something that we do as a responsible adult. So, when one job isn't working out, we jump to another…only to get the same results.

People typically take one of two paths to approaching this career dilemma:

Focus in on a job that fits
A good resource for this is the Advanced Career Transition on-line program.
This is a series of 12 workshops designed to help people be more creative in
their job search. Check out the list of topics here:

Explore business ownership
We are hosting a virtual expo Nov 15-17, which is a free on-line event for people
considering business ownership. Click here: for more details.

Feel free to share these resources or give me a call.

Take care,

Suzanne (603)-585 3110

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