Thursday, June 23, 2011

What are the "tangible benefits"?

Neal Schaffer writes:
The intent of this blog post was not to convince you to delete Foursquare yourself but to reconsider your own ROI of being active on various social media sites or utilizing certain social media tools that might provide a lot of eye candy or seem fun at the time but might not have much tangible benefits to you. From a corporate social media marketing perspective, there are compelling ways of using Foursquare and engaging with their 10 million users as part of your marketing mix and social media efforts, but I will save that content for a future blog post.
You'll need to click through to Neal's website to read the full post with his thoughts about Foursquare.

As an occasional user of Foursquare myself I do reconsider from time to time my use. Especially when my wife gives me that look and says: "What are you doing? Checking in?"

The real message for today is what social tools are you using and why? Do they bring value to your presence, your brand, what you are trying to accomplish?

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