Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I learn, you learn, we all learn

Matt Youngquist on learning from mistakes in the job search:
The key, however, as with any skill involving a learning curve, is to not wallow in your mistakes and sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Take some time, instead, to analyze what you did wrong, learn from it, and commit to not making the same mistake again. Did you absolutely botch a recent interview question about salary requirements? Then come up with a better answer to this question and practice it, at least ten times, until you’ve got it down cold. Did you ramble on nervously and incessantly, right out of the gate, when the hiring manager asked you to tell him/her a little about yourself? Same thing. Prepare a short, structured answer — following the advice I’ve given in this blog or any other formula you can find out there — and then drill yourself on delivering this response, multiple times, until you can confidently respond without missing a beat.
What have you learned that you would share?

My job search learnings were shared here after I landed and are shared here almost daily.

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