Sunday, August 22, 2010

Social media for job search at PubCamp Boston

Yes, really. There was a session on how social media affects the job search at PubCamp Boston. I did participate in the session and left it out of my recap to devote time on it here.

Sophia Chan was the session facilitator which drew about 15 or so participants. She opened the session by soliciting the various social media sites that folks have used or heard of for job searching. The list as I recall covered at least the following: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, and blogs.

The conversation for the remainder of the short period (one of two thirty minute sessions) focused on the benefits of LinkedIn.

For those visiting from PubCamp Boston, you may be interested in the unconference scheduled for October 1 - the second coming of Job Search Jam Sessions.

You might also be interested in my series on using LinkedIn for the job search

You might also be interesting in the use of Twitter, in particular the hash tag #hirefriday. More on this can be found here and on the LinkedIn group for hirefriday



  1. Hi Steve, this is Sophia. Thanks for participating in the session! (I have credited the answer about the hashtag to you in the session notes: ) Also appreciate the mention as facilitator, I just updated my LinkedIn profile to so feel free to update that in your blog post as well.

  2. Sophia, thanks for the update. I have made the correction to your LinkedIn profile.