Friday, April 9, 2010

vulnerable is beautiful

So you were laid off. It may have come as a shock. The economy is not so great right now. It is hard to keep looking. It is hard to keep up your spirits. The financial pressures are starting to mount.

You are not in this alone. The recently released JOLT numbers said that there were 2.4 million jobs posted. It also said that there were 15.1 million people looking for those jobs. Tough competition, yes.

You are not in this alone. You can stay alone and looking.

Or you can admit you are looking and job a networking group. Over the course of their meetings (whether weekly or monthly or?) you'll get to learn something from a guest speaker and network with others.

You can also come to the Job Search Jam Session on May 14th. For the one afternoon, for the cost of only $5, you'll get to share your tips and tricks of the job search with others.

Gain confidence in sharing what you know. Learn something new. Network with others.

And leave the event with more confidence, more knowledge, and a greater network behind you to take your next step in the job search!

Vulnerable Is Beautiful from Rachael Maddox on Vimeo.

Why wait, why not register now!

Vulnerable is beautiful. Especially when you are in good company!

Many thanks to Amy Palko for pointing out this video clip for me. Timing is everything.

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